Fee Structure

Academic Year 2024 - 2025 
Fee Break-Up Type Class Amount
Registration, Prospectus & Form Non-Refundable  All classes 1000
Admission Fee Nursery & Prep 20000
For I to V 37000
 VI to XII 37000
Security Deposit Refundable (Interest free)  All classes 7000
Processing Fee    All classes 2000
Annual Charges Annually  All classes 10000


Academic Session – (Fees collection on Quarterly basis)
Fee Break-Up Class Fee Mode Amount
Tuition Fee Nursery to Prep Quarterly 10900
I to V 11500
VI to VIII 12900
IX & X 13500
XI & XII Humanities 13900
XI & XII Commerce 14000
XI & XII Science 15000
Lab Fee IX to X & XI to XII Humanities   500
XI & XII Science Quarterly 300
Digital Class Nursery to V Quarterly 600
VI To XII   500
Examination Fee & Cycle Test Nursery To XII Quarterly 600
Transport Charges Area Wise Quarterly 6300



Note: The School reserves the right to revise the fees as determined by the Schools Board of Management. The fee revision will be linked with the national cost of living index and current inflation rates which may amount to an increase of 10-12% annually or more. The School management can increase the transport fees with the increase in fuel rates.

Mode of Payment


Quarters Annual Charges (Payable Annually) Tuition Fee (Payable Quarterly) Transport Fee (Payable Quarterly)
April 24/May'24/June'24 (Payable by 10.04.2024)  image  image  image
July'24/August'24/September'24 (Payable by 10.07.2024)  image  image  image
October'24/November'24/December'24 (Payable by 10.10.2024)  image  image  image
January’25/February’25/March’25(Payable by 10.01.2025)  image  image  image

Rules regarding issue of school leaving certificate & refund of Caution fee deposit of students.