DPS Society

Rising from humble beginnings in 1949, DPS society was founded with the sole intention of imparting services to the society with the hope of structuring ‘ A Better Tomorrow’. With a dream of providing for future generations a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality, today the DPS society has reached almost all corners of India.

In today’s transcending times, education is a quintessential and highly challenging time for students. Guided by esteemed members and a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers who are constantly innovating, DPS society works towards preparing its students to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and in many extra-curricular activities. We hope that their involvement in and enjoyment of both work and play will help them to become enterprising young people ready to make their contribution in the years ahead.

"I must do something" always solves more problems than "Something must be done."

If you want society to change, first you have to change. Always in sync with emerging changes, DPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of our philosophy. We have evolved as a matrix of networking among the regional, national and international educational institutions.

It is one of the largest & professionally managed school chains that has brought with it a widespread experience of teaching. Almost to 70 years of experience under its wings, DPS Society is an example of progressive approach, commitment to excellence & dedication to the cause of quality education. It is an organization that has brought many revolutionary changes in the field of education.

Guided by eminent board members DPS Society is run by dignitaries who have carved a niche in their respective field.

To match steps with the ever-changing trends of education we are always on the move to present innovative teaching programs that prepare a stage for growth, excellence & development for students.

Education Management Centre (EMC)
The EMC is responsible for all the innovative teaching methods introduced regularly into the curriculum of DPSs.

Learning Exchange Association Platform (LEAP)
LEAP, an EMC innovation’ uses Information Technology to facilitate a single point information centre. It facilitates co-ordination, implementation, sharing & networking of resources & best practices across the DPS family.

Institute of Higher Education (IHE)
The IHE harnesses the rich talents of teachers and trains more teachers by introducing innovative training workshops to enhance teaching abilities in member schools.

Environmental Education Council for Children (EECC)
The role of EECC is to introduce & inculcate holistic, sustainable environmental thinking into DPS, so that they are aware of a range of ecological issues that now beset us.